BARRY ENNIS is an internationally recognized fitness professional whose expertise stretches from teaching classes such as Indoor Cycling, Yoga, HIIT Training,  Beach and Indoor Bootcamp, Barre Method, and Resistance Training. His skillset extends to developing fitness programs, recruiting and training instructors, and managing teams and operations at studios. He is also the host of an educational podcast for fitness professionals called Fitness Career Mastery. While Barry’s hometown is Los Angeles, you can currently find him at SpaceCycle in Shanghai.

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Class Schedule: 

Monday: 18:30 Cycle/ 19:45 Sculpt Yoga
Tuesday: 19:00 Cycle
Wednesday: 12;30 Cycle
Thursday:18:30 Cycle/ 19:45 Sculpt Yoga
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 15:30 Cycle/ 16:45 Sculpt Yoga
Sunday: 9:45 Cycle/ 11:00 Core Flow Yoga

Join Barry for your next SpaceCycle class! At SpaceCycle, we’ve created a trendy and welcoming environment for individuals looking to adopt an active, healthier lifestyle. We’ll show you the right way to achieve results while having fun, no matter what your fitness level is.
In each class, you’ll find upbeat music to fuel your training, a tight-knit instructor & peer support system, and an intense workout that leaves you with a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Come experience the transformational journey with us. You will discover a more powerful, happier, and energetic version of you.