E-RYT Yoga Instructor: Yoga Alliance

Barry received his first teacher certification in 2007 from Kinepathics Yoga in Los Angeles in Vinyasa Yoga. He received a second certification in 2010 from Yoga Shelter in Michigan in Sanga Yoga.

Vedanta Academy; Maharashtra, India: Vedanta Philosophy

Inspired by his teacher training with Yoga Shelter, Barry moved to India in 2010 to attend the Vedanta Academy in Malavli, near Pune, Maharashtra, India. Vedanta is the ancient Indian philosophy which answers fundamental questions of life. It designs the pursuit of happiness through logical and systematic exposition of eternal truths. The knowledge promotes material and spiritual well-being.

Breathing Project: Yoga Anatomy and Breath Training

Barry has completed “Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals” and “Yoga Anatomy Principles” offered by the Breathing Project in New York City. The Breathing Project creates innovative learning opportunities based on experiences of body, breath and mind. They teach principles of human structure and movement in relationship to the individual nature of every body.

National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Barry has received the CSCS certification from the NSCA. The CSCS certification is for professionals who design and implement strength training and conditioning programs for athletes in a team setting.

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Class of 2020

Barry is currently enrolled in Loma Linda University in Los Angeles, CA. Barry is passionate about always learning more, and a career as a physical therapist will couple perfectly with his knowledge and experience in yoga and the fitness world. Physical therapists provide services to patients/clients who have impairments, disabilities, or changes in physical function and health status as a result of injury, disease, and other causes. They restore and promote overall fitness and health.