Interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle is spreading across the world! More and more people every day are becoming passionate about getting in shape, and learning how to live in a way that will sustain their physical and mental wellbeing. With such a high demand, there are constantly more fitness studios emerging all over the world.
However, some owners need help with the many challenges that come with starting a new fitness studio. Quality instructors are very difficult to find or recruit. Many instructors may not be as strong in the specific types of classes a studio offers and need quality training. Studio operations are challenging to master. Proper methodology for your studio’s classes must be established so there is consistency across the board. Quality control and continuing education for instructors needs to be implemented.
Barry has extensive international experience in all of these areas of expertise. He can improve the current state of your facility or can develop a complete strategy for a new studio.


Below is Barry’s client roster. Contact him HERE with any questions or inquires. barry ennis space cycle


space cycle logo
Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai, China (August 2016- April 2017)


Master Instructor at the Flagship SpaceCycle studio in Beijing, China
Taught Master Classes, conducted Instructor Training, lead lectures, workshops, and teambuilding activities
Lead instructor for the Beijing instructor team
  Assisted in writing instructor teaching manual, teaching guidelines, training materials, and cycling class series management systems and protocols
  Organized and conducted instructor continuing education and enrichment courses
Conducted, facilitated, and created protocols for brand quality control through instructor reviews and feedback sessions
  Lead company special events
  Promoted the company through initiatives like special events, appearances, interviews, and online content
  Appeared in Studio Launch media and press tours


Undisclosed Cycling Studio Project
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (January- March 2016)


Master Instructor, Creator of Brand Methodology, Recruitment and Training Director
Built the studio’s indoor cycling class format and teaching style
Responsible for recruitment and training of a team of 5 instructors prior to launch
Consulted on studio operations


flywheel sports logoFlywheel Sports
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (June 2012- July 2014)


Flywheel Program Manager, Master Instructor, Director of Quality Control
Manager of the Flywheel class series in Dubai
Managed a team of six instructors and monitored classroom performance to maintain a consistent customer experience
Determined appropriate class loads and schedules based on customer needs and opportunity
Organized themed classes and corporate events to expand rider base
Scouted, recruited, and trained new instructors
Created systems and workshops for Quality Control and Continuing Education for the instructor team
Master Instructor for the core team which launched the Flywheel and FlyBarre class series at the first international studio in Burj Views, Dubai in 2012 of the popular New York based brand, Flywheel Sports.


jg sports campJohn Gianino Bootcamp
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (October 2011- April 2012)


Fitness Program Designer and Developer
Creator of the Flex Fit class series
Responsible for scouting, recruiting, training, and managing a team of fitness professionals to teach Flex Fit.
Flex Fit combines different exercise, myofascial release, and flexibility training styles and techniques to maximizes trainees’ ability to gain more flexibility, increase range of motion as well as prevent injury and assist in faster injury recovery
Flex Fit Master Instructor and Creator