Beijing & Taipei SpaceCycle Press Tour

WOW! The past few weeks I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with some incredibly talented and special people during the launch of the new flagship SpaceCycle studio in Beijing. This included a massive press and media tour in Beijing, as well as Taipei- the location of the first SpaceCycle studio. I want to share how amazing this adventure was with all of you, so since “a picture says a thousand words” I’ll bring you back through the last two weeks in a little photo tour! Let’s get started!

Soon after arriving in Beijing about a month ago, we had a photoshoot with the amazing Jesse DeYoung which was the very beginning of the build up to launch:

These photos were edited and printed within a week, and soon lined the walkways of the TaiKoo Li Mall, where the SpaceCycle Beijing flagship location is:

img_9738 img_9764 img_9815

We also had the opportunity to meet the INCREDIBLE SpaceCycle team- everyone from Sales, to Operations, Marketing, Music, Management, etc. ALL of these people have been working SO hard to make this beautiful studio what it is, and it was so humbling to meet them all knowing I am the face of all of their hard work; that because of their time and effort I am made to look more professional in my role, and that I am largely responsible for their success and the success of the studio as the one providing the class experience. Just LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE:


Our SpaceCycle Launch started off with an early morning trip to the W Hotel in Beijing. Shay Kostabi and I got there early and all of the bikes were already set up. Four time Grammy Award winner Marcelo Anez of 3LD was there as well. He did the incredible sound design for the studio and was there to give us the best sound for the event.


















Following the event at the W Hotel it was full-throttle! Shay Kostabi, Simone De La Rue, JJ Dancer, Brett Hoebel and I were non-stop with special event classes for the Chinese media, celebrities, and VIPs. The energy in each room was indescribable, and the camaraderie was unforgettable.







Following all of this it was off to team dinner. This was one of the most memorable experiences to me. The amount of positivity, support, and love in the air was palpable. Everyone was so happy to have come together to enjoy each others’ company creating something special.

img_9991 img_9992

We had one more full day of teaching, and then we rushed to the airport to board a plane to Taipei! We all got on the SpaceCycle party bus to get there on time! The flight was delayed about two hours and we finally arrived in Taipei at about 11 PM. The CEO and his friends greeted us as we came out with hand-made welcome signs! By the time we got to the hotel, it was about 2 AM, and I walked into my room to be presented with gifts, and whaat? Pressed Juice! I was SO grateful and felt SO welcome.

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Even though we got in at 2 AM, we were up and going for a full day starting at 6! Most intense day ever. We walked over to the studio in beautiful Taipei to get into hair and makeup for a full day of press and media performances, master classes, and interviews! This first Taipei photo was taken by a great new friend of mine Gabriel Ng.


img_9849 img_9856






The next two days were PACKED with energetic classes for more celebrities, VIPs, master classes for the instructor team in Taipei, and finally, the current SpaceCycle members! After all, this was the first SpaceCycle studio that opened a little over a year ago. It was amazing to see how much they had grown and what the Beijing studio could aspire to! I had the opportunity to teach cycle as well as yoga!








It was such a whirlwind of a week between two cities! I’m now currently back in Beijing and we’ve started our full schedule of classes! So far the turnout and the feedback has been amazing, but there is still a lot of work to do! Most of the team has left, but Shay and I are polishing up the instructor team here, and then I’ll be left to help audition and train a new set of instructors for a THIRD SpaceCycle studio opening up at the end of this year. I’ll be keeping you posted, so please continue to follow me on the journey! A huge THANK YOU to Jesse DeYoung for all of the incredible photos from the past few weeks!

I am grateful to be on this adventure. Thank you Shay Kostabi for making the introduction. Thank you Matthew, Robyn, and Sophia for welcoming me aboard and your boundless generosity. Thank you Jessie and Pearl in Taipei for making everything run so smoothly. Thank you JJ, Simone, Brett, Sammye, Gabe, Annalee, Jesse, and Nicole for being such an awesome crew to experience all this with. Thank you to the people of Beijing and Taipei for being so welcoming and and incredible students! I will see you all very soon, and I look forward to the coming months and next adventures!