Barry Ennis is an internationally recognized fitness professional who specializes in instructor training, growth, and development. He also has equal experience in establishing strong fitness brands and businesses for different studios both in the United States and internationally. He is the founder of Fitness Career Mastery- a resource that helps fitness professionals and business owners find greater success in their ventures in the fitness industry.

Barry is a Los Angeles native whose entire life has revolved around fitness and well-being. Growing up a competitive athlete, Barry gained knowledge in the fields of strength training and conditioning, flexibility training, nutrition, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and yoga. He first connected with yoga in the context of sport, which ultimately led him to several teacher certifications, the development of a yoga-based flexibility training program for athletes, and studying yoga philosophy in India at the Vedanta Academy.

Barry’s move to India ultimately landed him in Dubai where he led Bootcamp, Indoor Cycling, Barre, and Yoga classes. He aided in developing fitness programs, managing studios, and aiding in teacher trainings. He also helped open and manage the first international studio for Flywheel Sports. He has been featured in magazines including Shape, Men’s Fitness, and Yoga Life, and modeled for top brands and publications.

His journey has continued to bring him all over the world, and he currently lives in Shanghai where he’s working with SpaceCycle as their master instructor, in charge of instructor recruiting, hiring, training, continuing education, and program development and upkeep. Barry recognizes that a fitness class is much more than a practice for the body, and the effects can trigger a transformation for the body, mind, and spirit. He’s ready to share all of this experience and knowledge with you!



It’s everything that trainers, group fitness instructors, and gym and studio owners need to know to develop your career in the fitness industry- whether you’re just starting out, or looking master your skills to achieve the best client experience, grow your business, and expand your reach.

Getting your certification is just the beginning, and as you’ll discover through listening, this goes well beyond being a good coach or having a beautiful studio. In an global industry that is worth almost US $25 Billion, you have to know how to set yourself apart from the competition to be successful, and to have a real impact on your clients.

It’s the small details that make all the difference: what music you play and where to find it, how you use social media to stand out, the steps to a successful studio launch, or how to effectively market yourself or your brand.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn how the world’s most successful fitness professionals create an experience and brand for their clients that keep them coming back for more. Barry Ennis has taught alongside and interacted with some of the world’s top fitness professionals, and is getting them to spill their secrets to success in this podcast.

Barry has also spent the last decade consulting for some of the top fitness brands around the world, training their instructors, and assisting these businesses in gaining a foothold in their respective markets. Listen and learn as Barry also shares his experience as an international fitness trainer, and gain access to extra content online that will help you get yourself started in the fitness industry, or rise to the top.



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